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Modi’s new mantra “vocal about local” Modi speaks to India on May 12th 2020

PM address to the Nation
Read Carefully


Gives statistics on world affected, and world killed. One virus has negatively affected the world. The entire world is is fighting a war to save life. Uncertain times for all of humanity, but we will not fall or break. Being attentive we have to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves. We have been speculating that 21st century will be ours(india), To make this indias 21st century we have to stand strong and March together.

Our shastras have also said, aatma nirbhar bharat. Such a big calamity has brought a warning , a message and an oppertunity for us(india). When this epidemic started we didnt manufacture a single ppe kit. But today in india we are making 2lakh ppe kits and 2 lakh N95 facemasks. India has taken oppertunity from this crisis. Today this world epidemic comes forward as an oppertunity to india.

India has today given a ray of hope to the world. India has shown the world is one family. And we never believed in being self centered. The culture that believes its land as a motherland will continue to lead the world. Self reliant india will lead to a prosperous world order. India will continue to lead the world against global warming. Yoga is indias gift to the world. World today has started to believe in indias abilities.

Today india is clearly on the path to growth which we were yearning for since independence. Today we have all the tools, abilities and talent to create the best quality products for the world. I myself saw the kutch earthquake and saw so much disaster that it looked impossible to recover.
But it stood up on its feet and such is our resolve, such is our ability to get up from the hardest possible situations. 5 pillars that india will stand on

  1. Economy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. System of 21st century india
  4. Demography we continue to be the world’s largest democracy.
  5. Demand utilising our full capacity for building the supply chain leading to strong constant demands.

Aatma nirbhar bharat abhyaan
The recent economic package announced by RBI is worth 10lakh crores. 20 lakh crore package will be release in 2020 to build a new and stronger india. Package for land labour liquidity and laws. This package is for MSME’s middle income person small businessman and daily wage worker alike. In the coming days more details on this to follow from may 13th. Indias capabilities have improved for the poorest people who needed it in the last 6years.

The reforms are targeted at best practices, building businesses, and give rise to our dream of Make in India. India will play a major role in the global supply chain. The economic package will improve our productivity and make all our economic sectors efficient. It’s time to empower the the roadside shop owners, push carts, etc, they will also be taken care of in this economic package.

We need to empower local products and local markets to help improve and grow our local products. Every indian should go vocal for local. I take pride in all the local products and so should everyone. Together we made khadi a huge brand and success. We will continue to use masks and maintain social distancing. Lockdown 4.0 will be more relaxed and its instructions will be given before 18th may based on suggestions of Chief ministers of all states. The 21st century will be indias fuelled by the energy of 130crore indians.