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‘Saapadu Ready’ is one of the most common signboards in Chennai. This is the place for
relishing tasty, sumptuous meals served on a banana leaf. A classic lunch included a
healthy portion of white rice, served with authentic Sambar, Rasam, a variety of Koyambu,
Poriyal, Pachadior Raita, sweet, pickles, and all-time favorite Apalam. In some restaurants,
types of rice like Lemon rice, Tamarind rice, etc. are also included in the meals. Here is the
list of 10 Most Authentic Tamil Nadu Meal.

1. Annalakshmi Restaurant:

 A temple themed restaurant offering both northern and
southern Indian fare. But the authentic Tamil Nadu meal spread is delicious that elevates the experience of your taste buds to a whole new level.

2. Dakshin Restaurant :

South Indian dishes show their regional influences at this
temple style setting with local music. A complete experience of the south with the
food, ambiance, and music.

3. Prems Grama Bhojanam:

The best for serving authentic south Indian native rich
food. Absolute value for money with a trustworthy, affordable, traditional, homely,
and tasty restaurant. The meals for lunch are not only healthy made out of millets but
delicious too.

4. Thaligai restaurant :

A restaurant with a contemporary interior serving a menu of
classic south Indian cuisine. They offer banana leaf unlimited South Indian meals
during weekends with fine dining and a large filling spread of items called Kalyana


5. Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B) :

Chennai’s famous vegetarian chain doles out especially excellent south Indian meal thalis and breakfast. Dependably a delish, you
can rely on the authentic taste at any branch across the city.


6. Savya Rasa:

Serving traditional south Indian vegetarian meals, it is pricey, but the
food is terrific. The experience is enhanced by the staff dressed up in Tamizh attire.


7. Avartana :

The decor beautifully represents the food. The Bitter Gourd Cruiser, as it
is called, was presented like a bruschetta, the bitter gourd dehydrated and served
with cumin potatoes and shallot jam. What's a south Indian meal without curd rice?
Avartana’s take, Sago Yogurt, is served in a little glass beaker with sago pearls
instead of rice, tempered with mellow spices, and topped up with the traditional
appalam. The pickle is served in liquid form in a test tube and can be
drizzled across the dish as per taste.

8. Madras Kitchen Company:

This is an ultimate one-stop destination for cuisines
like Chettinad and south Indian. Offering nonveg, this sumptuous spicy meal
elevates your taste buds, and you come back wanting more. The ambiance is quite
rustic, and the servings are quirky enough, pudding is served in a tea vessel and
sundae, in a wine glass.

9. Ponnusamy Hotel:

A well known, longtime restaurant with ingredient themed wall
art and a menu of Chettinad cuisine. Staring at a small mess in 1954, it has come a
long way in providing the taste of Tamil Nadu in the food it serves.


10. Southern Spice:

This restaurant is part of the Taj Coromandel in Nungambakkam, Chennai.
Clearly, the paradigm example of excellent spicy food from this unique region of
India. Diners are surrounded by historical artifacts and renderings of the heritage
and culture amidst an array of excellent choices of food and beverages.

Southern Spice


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