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M Natrajan dies at the age of 74! Wait…M who? Sasikala’s husband they say. The Rasputin of Tamil Nadu politics?

Read Carefully

I personally had no idea how this person looked until today when his face was splattered all over the news.

So what’s his story?


Natrajan came into the limelight during the 1965 anti-Hindi agitations. In 1973, he became the Public Relations Officer to the then CM Karunanidhi. The same year, he got married to Sasikala, thereby securing his place in AIADMK when MGR took over as CM and started playing an active role in the party’s affairs.



When Jayalalitha ascended the throne in 1991, it was claimed that he was instrumental in putting her there. It was also claimed that Natrajan installed his close associates in top party positions and they came to be known as the Mannargudi Mafia. However, after she became CM, Jayalalitha openly placed an allegation on Natrajan that he was spreading the word that he was managing the party’s affairs, following which she banned his entry into her Poes Garden residence.

 Later in 2011, Jayalalitha accused a bunch of the Mannargudi leaders including Sasikala for indulging in anti-party activities and stripped them of their posts. Tables turned at this point when Sasikala abandoned her family and chose to stay with Amma. Since then, Natrajan remained non-existent; behind the curtains and unseen.

What came of Natrajan? What was he doing behind the scenes?No one really knows. No one ever will either. May his soul rest in peace.  

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