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‘Post cards from Summer’ – Spring Summer 19 collection by Eka : March 2nd to 15th, 2019

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The Amethyst Room, Chamiers showcases ‘Post cards from Summer’ – Spring Summer 19 collection by Eka. Summer brings with it a romantic nostalgic, love for pastels and lace. ‘Post cards from summer’, the theme set with sheers, pastels, laces, delicate layers, monochromatic stripes, negligees, noodle strap blouses and fragile under layers. A casual, relaxed summer look is evoked that brings to mind the summer siestas, the dreamy afternoons, the times of romantic breaks and all things wonderful. Prices start from Rs.7,000/- onwards from 10.30am to 7.30pm at The Amethyst Room, Chamiers, 106, Chamiers Road, Chennai. Ph 044 4304 2099

Eka (Spring Summer 19)

Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.

Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance

– Yoko Ono

At Eka we continue to refine our vocabulary of co-ordinates, colours and textiles. We are constantly inspired by those who have chosen to wear us. Their personal stories, the spaces they feel most comfortable in, their homes, their workplaces, their collection of memorable objects continue to be the narrative of the collection.

We are grateful for their openness, for allowing us to portray them unfiltered, wearing garments, that we know they will love, live-in, wear-out, mend, and forever cherish.”

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