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Olympia Panache celebrates Navaratri Golu festival

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Chennai, October 16, 2018: To lighten up the spirit of festivity entire community of Olympia Panache came together to celebrate Navaratri Golu Fest with their spirit of oneness and integrity.

Navratri is a time when many homes in the southern states of India feasts on colours, light, music, and food. This is the third year that the communities have expanded their display to accommodate more than just Dolls, but getting into a theme was definitely not their priority.

With a big bunch of bright young kids in this community, Olympia Panache took an initiative for enlightening the community on some key areas – Culture, religion, participation, sharing & caring and the list goes on. They displayed a Navalur Metro station, Navalur Market and a Bangkok floating Market. And Godesses Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi are in a revised 2.0 version, adorning new accessories, making it easier for the kids to relate to!

It is a festive occasion where everyone has a role to play, from the young children to the grandparents. The adults are engage in singing and kids have their own craft corner right beside the Golu display, crafting, listening and imbibing the vibrations. Their inquisitiveness is challenging at times but the result is education for both parent and Kids. The entire community were dressed up in traditional attire, and distributed the prasadham & goodies to everyone who witness their golu decoration.

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