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Life in monochrome by Jayanti Reddy, Hyderabad based designer launches her new collection at Collage

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Chennai 26th July 2018: Collage launches Designer Jayanti Reddy’s new collection “Life in Monochrome” on 3rd August 2018 between 11am to 7pm.Jayanti Reddy will explain in detail about her collection and have an exclusive opportunity to be styled by herself in her latest.

LIFE IN MONOCHROME by Hyderabad bases Designer Jayanti Reddy is structured and yet fluid, with silhouettes that tease the warm summer breeze but at the same time know when to restrain themselves. It also features whimsical embroidery, breathable fabric with ruffles on a cape, sudden striking tinge of gold embroidery amidst the monochromes to complement the modern Indian woman’s inner glow, and a hint of sheen in the fabric that’s a natural extension of herself.

Jayanti Reddy – a label that is inspired by elements that are an essential part of the Indian tradition and yet never loses the element of surprise and newness by reimagining Indianness to create looks that are entirely modern. The label strives to deliver an understated sense of style happily co-existing with their proud tradition of naturally dyed fabric, handwoven textiles, or intricate hand embroidery that has a story woven into each of its threads. Vanity never triumphs over comfort in any of the brand’s pieces; they’re relaxed without being lazy, and familiar without losing their ability to surprise. Be it smart separates that can permeate your everyday, or occasion wear for moments of greater importance – Jayanti Reddy, the labelstrives for attention to detail and the sheer love for what they do to elevate what you represent by what you wear.The end result is an experience that is at once classical and intensely personal.

About Collage…

Collage is a multi-faceted location, carefully curated to embrace wearable luxury, for an audience that looks beyond the more notable names. It was founded in late 2004, when luxury, fashion and style were just making small inroads into Chennai. As a brand, we choose to stand apart in our approach to clothing and are constantly re-interpreting the loosely used term ‘Indian’. For Collage, Indian wear does not translate to a soirée of saris and kurtas alone. Our curation of garments and accessories equates Indian to rich fabrics, colours, the philosophy of our designers and their labels. We bring to you discerning craftsmanship through various bespoke labels. We believe in the touch and feel of a garment.

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