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Let’s Celebrate the Motherhood

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Life is about embracing the newness to our existence and making the most of every opportunity that will help in enriching our lives and of our families. On the mother’s day one can proudly proclaim that being a mother and having a mother is a powerful relationship to be in, which also comes with unconditional responsibilities. Motherhood does not mean not retaining your own individuality and living a restrictive lifestyle, motherhood is a journey and a blessing that one cherishes every living day. So this mother’s day, let us all take a vow to:

Don’t compromise your health: Often mothers neglect their own health and only focus on their children. One should remember that motherhood is a physically demanding role to be in which comes with the mental exhaustion – from childbirth to bringing up the child to adulthood is challenging. This mother’s day let us get physically fit and active, bring in the mental stamina by eating right at regular intervals, exercising, resting well and getting adequate sleep.

Strike a fine balance in the professional world: Motherhood is not a solitary journey, balancing work and home is not the sole responsibility of the mother. Though, nuclear families often find it difficult but this can be managed if a robust ecosystem is created. Today, organizations provide plethora of opportunities such as flexi working hours, work from home options and crèches for children. So work your way around so that you feel proud of what you have achieved – the world is your oyster. For example, at Cigna TTK, we have “The Maternity Buddy Program”, which was launched with the objective of creating an ecosystem where ‘expecting’ Cigna TTK women can get the much needed support. Most importantly, this helps in enabling our women to pursue their career in the way they want and contribute to their professional growth.

Work towards financial security: Mothers should adopt a different approach to money matters, as financial volatilities can diminish the joys that motherhood brings. Set your financial goals before you start your family. Opt for a health insurance plan that will help you in case of medical exigencies. Opt for plans that have a provision for maternity benefits and other benefits such as vaccination for the child amongst others (read the policy carefully on the waiting period and premium to be paid). Mothers are also daughters and there is a phase in life, where a woman has to dawn twin roles. This is the challenging time when the daughter has to look after the mother; health insurance can be a boon in case of medical issues like cataract or even critical illness issues.

The right approach to investments which will take care of both long term and short term goals. Seek the advice of a financial advisor who can guide you the various investment options such as equities, fixed deposits, debt plans and more. A strong financial system is a must.

Celebrate the motherhood: It is important to enjoy the small joys that life brings in, mothers tend to forget to enjoy themselves as the responsibility of motherhood takes over. This mother’s day, go and soak yourself in a good spa, indulge in that perfume you have been yearning for so long. Join the dance class you have been meaning to join or just pick up your favorite restaurant and have a date with your kids. Don’t stress if your child is too naughty or if he is playing too much, sometime it is a good idea to let be. You too bring out the child in you!

So this Mother’s day, congratulate yourself for coming this far and doing so well. Thank your mother for creating you and how are you all set to take the mantle of motherhood to the next level. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely women out there!

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