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Lara Morakhia | Zahra | 2018

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Lara’s design philosophy comes from a kaleidoscope that has a different design and view each time you look into it. In line with this very vision and her love for cross cultural harmony, the  new collection is a confluence of the Japanese culture and Indian traditions. From gorgeous ceramic sculptures, fresh cherry blossoms, remarkable architectures to the traditional kimonos, various elements have been meticulously composed together to create innovative pieces for this season.

The collection features leaf designed pendants, floral antique silver and gold pieces, elegant fish out of water earrings and gold jewellery with fern and tree design elements. She has also designed versatile lapel pins in gold and antique jadau that can be worn by both men as well as women in the form of neck pieces, scarf brooches or sari pins. The layering in each earring and ring draws subtle influences from the Japanese kimono, constituting layers of fabulous gold thread textiles; much like our Indian sari which draped in any style looks elegant and graceful. An amalgamation of silver, gold, antique Maharashtrian Saaj pieces, uncut vilandi, pearls and antique jadau jewellery engraved with enamel creates an exquisite composition. Apart from these, old techniques have been used to restructure broken and damaged collectibles to create artistic pieces—thereby keeping the old world charm intact.


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