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Lanson forays into the Ready-to-Eat Snack market and launches its own brand – ‘Popodax’

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Lanson Group, a $150+ million conglomerate, leading Automobile Dealership and Pioneer Appalam Manufacturer & Exporter for four decades today announced its foray into ready-to-eat snacks segment in the Indian market and launched its innovative, ‘first of its kind’ brand ‘Popodax’ with flavoursome Ready-to-Eat Mini Appalams.

Launched in the UK as early as in 1987, Lanson pioneered the ready-to-eat Appalam category with both the Mini and Large Appalams popurlary known as Puppodums globally. Lanson has been suppliers to worlds leading brands over the decades. Ready-to-Eat Mini Appalams are a regular enjoyment for the palates in other parts of the world – UK, Europe, USA & Australasia.

Back to the future…

Considering the ‘unmet needs’ of the coming generation in India, who value goodness of the past combined with convenience, Popodax intends to meet that need, offerring freedom from cooking appalams, made to highest food safety standards with authentic and natural ingredients of which ‘Sunshine & Happiness’ are key.

With the firm belief that what has been around for a thousand years must be good for us, Lanson’s innovative offering mixes tradition with modernity, balancing flavours, protein richness and conveninece with Popodax Mini Appalams- what Lanson calls as ‘Mom Approved’ for ages, for all ages. The vision of the brand is to play the role of a bonding snack, bringing families together, relationships closer and bringing the joy of sharing.

With Creating new Uses, Users and Usage as its innovation mantra, POPODAX is offering a snack that straddles all age segments. It can play the role of an energy giver to the ever-active child while completely being a salivating treat, be a perfect amalgamator among friends, a bonding agent for the family and a memorable routine for the seniors. As an anytime snack, Popodax is a perfect fit as a TV time snack, Party Snack, School Snack, Social Snack and Healthy Snack.

While the Classic variant of Popodax, complements the traditional usage as a meal accompaniment and innovative usages as canapé, Tomato & Chilli and Sour Cream & Onion – have a wider appeal and will “tingle the ageless kid in everyone”.

Each of the three variants comes in two packing and pricing options – The ‘on the go’ pack and the ‘@ home’ pack at INR 10 and INR 30.

Mr. Lankalingam, Chairman and Innovation Head, Lanson Group and Mr. B. Nandakumar, Chief Mentoring Officer, LVAS launched the brand ‘Popodax’.

Popodax as Urad lentil based Mini Appalam, is a rich source of Protein, with Urad offering the best carb-protein balance. Combined with its honest-to-earth  ingredients and natrual flavoring, Popodax is good for all seasons and reasons.

Mr. Lankalingam, Chairman and Innovation Head, Lanson Group says:

“Lanson has been manufacturing and exporting appalams of the highest quality to the UK, USA and Australia for the last 40 years and has been recognised as the Brand-behind-the Brand. In fact, Lanson supplies to 129 year old Sharwoods brand, the company that was granted the Royal Warrant as Purveyors to the Royal Family in UK,”. Appalam is served as the starter for an Indian meal, which is much loved gloablly. Lanson alone makes 1.5 million appalams a day for its global customers.

 With the vision of ‘consumer loyalty nourished by consumer delight’ our aim is to put a smile on the faces of consumers of every age by providing them innovative snacks for their unmet needs. This is one of the main reasons, we have decided to launch our own brand of ready-to-eat mini appalams – Popodax..

added Mr. Lankalingam:

“With Popodax, we look to reach out to the kid in everyone that remembers waiting to bite into an appalam that would accompany their meals.

We are looking to provide a snack for every member of the family, a new avatar to a snack that brings with it a 1000 years of ‘Foodness’!!

Mr. B. Nandakumar, Chief Mentoring Officer, LVAS says:

Popodax will initially be offered in Tamil Nadu markets in stages, beginning with markets such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem and Trichy and will be available in retail shops from May 2018,”

“Within the next six months Popodax will be available in about 50 towns in Tamil Nadu and will be present in 20,000 outlets within the first year.

 With Popodax, we would like to garner about 2% of the ready to eat snack segment in the outlets that we will be present”

 We are looking to take Popodax to all Indian markets in the next 2 to 3 years after establishing in this region.

 added Mr. Nandakumar. :

“With Popodax, we look to provide a healthy yet fun snacking alternative in the ready to eat segment for every occasion, location, palate and wallet.”

  Popodax will be available in 6 SKU’s- 3 flavours – Classic, Tomato & Chili and Sour Cream & Onion, each available at Rs 10 and Rs 30.

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