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Football for Charity, Chennai based school student organization WEHELP presents a fundraiser to help underprivileged students of rural Chennai

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Hosted on the 17th of March at the Whistle Urban sports hub, the football fundraiser organized by WEHELP, a group of five young school students from Chennai aim to help the students of Thiruvoriyur Middle School. Beginning at 8 am and carried on throughout the day, the tournament will consist of twenty teams of six members each. An entry fee will be a charged to all teams, and a trophy and prize money will be awarded to the winners. 

The cause will support families affected by the tsunami of 2004 that were undertaken by the school. Due to meagre funding from the government, the students are deprived of basic amenities that are to be provided by the school. The funds raised would be used to provide necessary furniture, fix toilets and better the infrastructure. WEHELP is still welcoming registrations and sponsorship to support their campaign.

For more information on sponsorship & registration, please contact Manav Chordia at +91 93830 23445 /

 About WEHELP:

 WEHELP is a small group of six teenage boys who aspire to make a difference by helping out underprivileged schools in isolated parts of Chennai. The members of the club hope to form friendships, shape lives and hope to make the substantial difference in the lives of people though this group is small, they hope to grow exponentially with each event of theirs.


  1. Manav Chordia, the leader, 17-year-old student of APL Global School
  2. DhruvRishbBatra, the secretary, 16-year-old student of Sishya
  3. AakarshKankaria, project manager, 17-year-old student of Sishya
  4. Ganesh Konda, social media head, 16-year-old student of APL Global School
  5. Aatman Gupta, 14-year-old student of Abacus School

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