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Evoluzione presents péro Spring-Summer 2019 collection from 11th April

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Evoluzione presents péro Spring-Summer 2019 collection from 11th April. Péro spring-summer 2019 is a sublime story that runs through deep waters, capturing and containing the richness of underwater landscapes.

This collection takes us on a journey through long lost islands and calmness of the deep blue sea, both under and above water. We borrowed the colors from the marine landscape and life; this season we focus on the blue hues from the ocean, beige from the sands of the shore, ivory from the shells, and breathing newness into these tropical tones are coral and mustard from the underwater life.

Underwater motifs are drawn with a graphic hand and washed with powder blue and turquoise, so they appear as if floating in the ocean. The prints this season represent the unmethodical formations of aquatic flowers, to evoke the unpredictability of open waters.

Woven in various parts of India like West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bhagalpur and Banaras, versatile across multiple categories this season our ginghams and tartans are lighthearted plaids featuring warm, upbeat pastels and neutrals together. Stripes are refreshed with wide widths in vivid contrasts, providing a contemporary vibe. Inspired by old luxurious French Brocades, we worked with ‘kadhwa’ weavers of Banaras, who embroider motifs on the loom, while weaving the fabric, hence the name ‘Kadhwa’, synonym of embroidery in hindi.

Along with the simplicity of modern colours and prints are the decadent hand-embroideries, meticulously crafted and luxurious with elaborate floral motifs etched into hand-woven tartans and stripes, along with velvets and linens. The shimmer and reflection of light in water has been captured by rendering these delicate aquatic prints of flora and fauna, through gradation of sequins, beads and threads on hand-woven grounds. We explored the idea of mix media with carefully sourced sequins, individually wrapped in our textiles to create flowers of various forms. We also created flowers using French beadwork techniques and intricate cut work. Bold intense textures with frayed edge patchwork sit alongside delicate thread and beadwork.

The highlight this season is playful colour blocking, we have also introduced frills and ruffles for a unique take on layering. Crocheted edgings and beaded fringes, developed closely with the skilled Afghani refugees, are celebrated to add to the whole Caribbean mood. Different materials are utilized for their textures including handcrafted ceramic buttons gingerly glazed in our hues.


Handcrafted with love, our quirky little fish named péro, wiggles and pulls a graceful glide towards the colourful ocean bed and eventually getting lost in the vastness of the blue green waters.

A new addition to the péro péro family are these fishes, small motley members of the sea handcrafted with the fabrics of the season. The bulging ivory eyes have been skilfully imitated through black and white beads, while the tiny coral beads form the puckered fishy lips. The supple fins and tail are crafted from light translucent laser cut fabrics in marine colours.

found p é r o

We <3 these handcrafted water reed baskets found during our travels to Manipur, the North East of India. We added this craft to our found péro treasure and upscaled it with love for people of péro, by using our textiles, hand-made ceramic buttons, fabric flowers and beaded fringes, and  hand-painted them with stripes and florals.

p é r o  <3  up-cycle

Our ever- growing love for up-cycling led to a new collaboration this season with the classic Havaianas, a summer staple and Birkenstocks, a popular classic. Each pair is meticulously re-purposed and re-imagined, with a collage of handcrafted flowers and fishes, with ribbons and sequin embroideries, carefully sewn on to the flip flops, capturing the relaxed, laid-back yet playful, tropical Caribbean mood.

Our trench coats and denim jackets are up-cycled with a greater sense of visual depth. They feature an overall mix of bright and natural, mimicking the aquatic mood of the season. All things sunny, watered down by the cool blue.

p é r o  <3  Carlo Urgese

Our love for hand made led to this beautiful collaboration with Carlo Urgese , a paper sculptor from Milano, Italy, who created these marine life inspired, intricately hand-cut, paper fish and coral reef headgears , for our spring-summer 2019 showcase.

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