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Introduce your child to all the elements of theatre like body language, voice, creative opening, etc.That enable them to perform better, both on stage and in life by losing inhibition, and becoming more confident with this Summer Camp on Stage Entry at Jhoola Activity Centre by Evam’s Happy Cow.

Ages: 6 – 12 | May 6th – 12th : 10 – 12 PM
Fees: Rs. 2,500/- per child
Call 91765 83618 to register

Program Flow

Open up:
Workshop context is set and the activities aim at enabling the children lose their inhibitions with the help of theatre based ice breakers.

Story Creation:
Children are taught techniques of creating interesting stories and
converting them into a script.

Body Language:
Children are made to understand how the body adds to the character and the situation and how they can use it to tell a story so the audience understands what the character is trying to convey.

Voice and Expressions:
Different voice exercises are taught and the children are actively
encouraged to practice.Voice levels (volume) , breathing exercises and expressions are also covered.

Character Development:
Children are put through activities through which they create their
own characters giving them a background and exhibit their physical
and emotional attributes.

Stage Business, Direction and Plotting:
Basic Stage Manners and Theatre etiquette with respect to
direction, plotting, entry and exit are taught to children. Play plotting
is done and executed along with different elements like props,
sound etc.

Play Project:
The workshop ends with a showcase of a small production, specifically for the parents and a closed audience. Children work on all the aspects of putting up a production including MC-ing ,backstage, production, direction, costumes etc.

Start Date  6th May 2019  End Date  12th May 2019
Start Time  10Am Close Time  12Pm


Jhoola Activity Centre
No. 25, Ram Nagar 1st Main Road Extension, Nanganallur, 600061 Chennai, India
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