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Ink High’s Open mic in Chennai

InkHigh’s Open Mic, Chennai – Finger on the Lips
Pressed shirts, pleated skirts, shimmering shoes and glimmering eyes. Remember that school which chiselled and nurtured you? Well, now it’s time to give back something to this place which helped you become whoever you are today.

Be it Stand up Comedy, Music, Slam Poetry, or just any talent that you’ve got, the time has arrived for you to take the crowd back to their 1st grade with your talent. InkHigh is going to take you back to square one, literally!

Performance Categories:
1. Poetic License – Literature is your forte? let the world hear what you gotta say, the way you wanna say it.

2. Harmonious Balance – If you’ve got the gift of a beautiful voice or the skill to play an instrument, why don’t you pleasure us?

3. Freestyle Ferri – Talent is unlimited and so is what you chose to perform. Rap, Beatbox, freestyle dance, magic and whatnot.

4. Hahaha – Amidst all this intensity, we need a light-hearted presence, will you be it?

Start Date  7 July 2018 End Date  7 July 2018
Start Time 4 PM Close Time 7 PM


Address Chennai,