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The Half Boiled Improve Show in Chennai

He Half Boiled Improv Show is a show where nothing is scripted, scenes are made up on the spot and the Comedy happens right in front of your eyes, based on suggestions given by you.

A highly interactive, engaging show that lets you put the actors in all sorts of complicated scenarios and laugh out loud at the chaos that comes out of it.

Featuring Abishek, Baggy, Maya, Rahul, Shalini and Shravan – Half Boiled Improv is Chennai’s 1st Improv Comedy group. It’s a never before seen format which brings together theatre, music and comedy and an absolute delight to watch. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Start Date 23 June 2018 End Date  23 June 2018
Start Time 7.30 PM Close Time 9 PM


Address Chennai,