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Electric guitar workshop in Chennai

This is an intensive two hours workshop exploring the foundation of what it takes to be a great electric guitar player and the fundamentals of great rhythm and lead guitar playing for electric guitarists.

It is a combination of various guitar techniques and musical concepts that comprises the foundation for amazing electric guitar playing, which can be adopted by anyone and will take an electric guitarists ability and understanding to new levels.

The goal of this session is to introduce you to different genres of electric guitar with musical examples to help you apply each concept directly into your own playing.

In this program we will demonstrate many types of electric guitar riffs and we will be exploring the musical and technical concepts that are essential for everyone to know in order to be a great rock rhythm guitar player.

Please share this event with all your friends/family members and Confirm us your participation to attend this event immediately and Start your journey to becoming an amazing electric guitarist!

Start Date 27 May 2018 End Date  27 May 2018
Start Time 3 PM Close Time 5 PM


Address  Chennai,