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Child Rape Increases by More than 300% in Tamil Nadu

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Chennai, May 09, 2018: In the last 5 years Tamil Nadu has seen the number of child rapes in the state increase by 331% from 271 in 2011 to 1169 cases in 2016. The number of child rape cases has seen a horrific rate of growth in the state and more than half the crimes in the state were sexual offences under the POCSO Act (NCRB 2016 data).

Tamil Nadu also has recorded the highest number of instances on child rape cases with almost 1440 child rape cases in the last 5 years. The sad state of affairs is further substantiated by exponential increase in number of crime against children from 925 in 2011 to 2856 in 2016 which is more than 200 % of rise.

In the junction when the nation desperately seeks stricter judicial intervention, the ordinance on the death penalty is passed. The ordinance also lays down stringent punishment for rape of a girl under 12 years, with a minimum jail term of 20 years which may go up to life in prison or death sentence. While the ordinance attempts to strengthen the legal actions what it misses is the need for preventive measures rather than curatives ones.

“It is beyond doubt debate that the state had to act strongly in order to curb violence against children, however, this ordinance does come as a knee-jerk reaction. We also need to address the bigger challenge in carrying out investments in preventive mechanisms to make children safe at all the spaces – homes, schools, neighborhood, parks, roads etc. all the time. According to NCRB 95% of the assaulted children where by people they knew. Thus, there lies a possibility with the passing of death sentence that the number of crimes reported might go down once more to safeguard the perpetrators from the from the capital punishment.,” said Suma Ravi, Regional Director (South), Child Rights and You, CRY.

Ms Ravi further elucidated that the increased number is an indication that the reporting of the crime has increased, which is a step ahead. This decision can have implications of people not wanting to report further given in most cases the perpetrators are from the known circle.

Tamil Nadu
2011                  2016
Instances of Child Rape                          271                      1169
Crime Against children                          925                      2856


Instances of Child Rape                          97                        1136
Crime Against children                        334                        4455

Andhra Pradesh

Instances of Child Rape                       646                          459
Crime Against children                      2213                         1847


Instances of Child Rape                      423                           957
Crime Against children                     1452                         2879


Instances of Child Rape                      NA                           690
Crime Against children                       NA                         2909

About CRY

CRY – Child Rights and You (formerly known as Child Relief and You) is an Indian NGO that believes in every child’s right to a childhood – to live, to learn, grow and play. For nearly 40 years, CRY and its partners have worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 20 Lakh underprivileged children. For more information please visit us at


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