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18 February, 2019

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Change is good, Exchange is better and Tanishq is the best

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Now jewellery lovers have more reasons to upgrade to new jewellery by exchanging at Tanishq

Get 1 Karat extra on purchase of gold jewellery
Get 2 Karat extra on purchase of diamond jewellery

Tanishq was the first jeweller in the country to spot the evolving needs of the new Indian jewellery buyer – where the ask was to make gold jewellery more contemporary, design-led and more light where she could wear it every day, not just confining to key occasions.

Why upgrade?
The unorganised jewellery market in India is 90% and there are possibilities that a customer may end up buying impure jewellery. Since its inception, Tanishq believes that it is important for customers to upgrade their gold jewellery once in every 25 to 30 months, because:

 It allows customers to adapt to new trends, new designs
 It helps them to buy jewellery that matches their needs and tastes

Exchange – A good practice

Many jewellers, including the local jewellers float exchange schemes to allure consumers to buy new jewellery. We were the first jeweller in India to come up with exchange policies and practices that redefined the Indian jewellery market – bringing in more trust and transparency in the entire exchange process.

Why customers prefer Tanishq?

Electronic Karatmeter is used to check the Puirty of Gold unlike the local jewellers who still use traditional touchstone methods

Best Exchange Value Buying rate of Gold is the same as its selling rate Conusmers never pay for stones at the rate of gold

Transparency Old jewellery is metled infront of the customers No old jewellery is sold or displayed at the showroom

Replace your worries with joy and relief with Tanishq – your new partner

Indians like to plan their jewellery purchase in advance and the new policy will benefit them to upgrade their old jewellery to new piece. Bearing the hallmark of Titan and the assurance of the TATA group, Tanishq has always been at the forefront of offering the purest jewellery. Exchanging old jewellery from Tanishq is extremely beneficial for consumers because:

 Get 100% value on old gold
 0% deduction on exchange (14 karat purity and above)

About Tanishq:

Tanishq, India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group, has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and guaranteed product quality for over two decades. It has built for itself the envious reputation of being the only jewellery brand in the country that strives to understand the Indian woman and provide her with jewellery that meets her traditional and contemporary aspirations and desires. Attesting to this commitment towards excellence, in 2017, Tanishq has been awarded the title of The Most Trusted Jewellery Brand in India by the Trust Research Advisory. To stress on their commitment to offer the purest jewellery, all Tanishq stores are equipped with the Karatmeter which enables customers to check the purity of their gold in the most efficient manner. Tanishq offers gold and gem-set jewellery (in 22 and 18 karat gold) in over 5000 traditional, western and fusion looks. The jewellery is manufactured in a fully integrated manufacturing plant with state-of-the-art equipment. The Tanishq retail chain currently spreads across 254 exclusive boutiques in 157 cities.


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