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Bandh ku bandh pannunga!

Read Carefully

The flower guy who sits outside Hotel Sangeetha on GN Chetty Road didn’t have much to do on April 5th and ended up having a conversation with us about how he was struggling to sell his flowers. Why? The hotel was shut due to the Cauvery bandh and so his usual customers of people who come to the hotel for a meal were missing.

This is the story of just one individual whose daily income is affected by such shutdowns.Take just this hotel and imagine the number of people whose livelihoods take a hit – the people who supply fruits and vegetables, the guy who drives the mini truck carrying these supplies, the waiters and housekeeping service who are given a meal on a normal working day, the guy who runs the valet parking…one such day is enough to bring their lives to a standstill. Extrapolate this to all walks of life and just try to imagine the disruptions that this kind of a bandh causes.

Who benefits from such political rallies? Nothing is changing so clearly the political parties staging this are not gaining much. Common folk like you and me are clearly getting affected because stores shut down. There is always a fear of violence or mob attacks. Being a victim of a mob attack myself, I can tell you this is not a situation you want to be in. It is scary and traumatic and not to mention highly unsafe. Take this as a word of caution and stay safely indoors. Nothing is worth running the risk of losing your life.

I still wonder when this is going to stop – this incessant use of power to try and drive home a point that is clearly not making much of a difference anyway.

When are we going to raise our voices and put an end to this madness? Only time will tell.

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